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Dec 29, 2023

In this episode we are visiting with Trent Johnson who owns and operates Greeley Hat Works in Greeley, CO.

I really enjoyed getting to visit with Trent about his path to business in the hat industry.  I think you will really enjoy his story and mindset on business in the western industry.

Nov 30, 2023

In this episode, we sit down with a man that I have known online for almost a decade and only we only just met in person at the Heart of Texas Leather Show in Waco in 2023.  

His name is Todd Broussard and he is the owner/operator of T-Pop Leather Shop in Louisiana.

Todd is a rodeo cowboy, farrier and leather craftsman...

Jun 17, 2023

This episode of Lost Trade is a visit with one of the most well known custom stamping tool makers in the leather industry.  

Robert Beard is known around the world for his completely hand crafted stamping tools.  We had the honor of sitting down with him and hearing just a glimpse of his amazing life and...

May 20, 2023

This episode is an interview with Chuck Dorsett from Weaver Leather.  Chuck does fantastic leather craft videos on YouTube and offers great instruction.  His videos are high energy and very informative.  

Check out his videos on the Weaver Leather YouTube channel.

Apr 28, 2023

Barry King is one of the most well known leather stamping tool makers in our industry.  If you tool leather, then you for sure have seen his tools and may own a fair amount of them.  Barry is a very interesting guy and makes some fantastic stamping tools that I use every day.

Be sure to visit his website at